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The wine cellars of Kőszegszerdahely

One of the most frequented venues for fruits and grapes was the Felsőhely facing the village of Velem. There are quite a few nice cellars found elsewhere, in several private gardens of the neighbourhood.

From among the cellars on the vinehills flanking the village, Felső-hegy (Upper Hill) deserves mention; its cellar and press house at No 10 is a listed building. It was built in 1796 on the slope of the hill, it has a thatched roof with a smoke vent, clay walls, a rectangular ground plan and boarded facade. If we start walking from Petőfi Street we can also find some lovely old cellars wtih classic pitched roof.
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Winery / : wine
Winery / : Hungarian

Address: 9725
GPS: 47.3411, 16.515
Phone: +36/94563121
Website: www.koszegszerdahely.hu
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