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The ruins of the Batthyány Palace

The former lower palace of the Sibrik family was passed into the ownership of Ferenc Batthyány in 1616 which he reconstructed into a Great House with turrets on each of the four corners of the building.

The building was a favourite abode for Ádám Batthyány and his wife, Eleonóra Strattmann at the end of the 17th century. From 1832 it was deemed uninhabitable. In the August of 1841 it was struck by lightning and the fire caused serious damage to the building. In 1860 the Batthyány family sold it but its farm buildings standing I the close vicinity were being used by the forthcoming owners. In its current decaying state surrounded by thick green plants it can be classified as a park more than anything else.
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Address: 9727 Rákóczi street 0
GPS: 47.3225, 16.489
Phone: +36/94563386
Website: www.bozsok.hu
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