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Phoenix House - Szamos Marzipan Museum

The Marzipan Museum opened to the public over a decade ago in the neatly refurbished groundfloor rooms of the outer section of Jurisics Castle. Szamos Marzipan Fairy Tale Gallery is the first permanent exhibition on display.

Familiar cartoon and fairy tale figures - from old tales and more modern ones - come alive in this museum, all made of marzipan. You can see the little girl we all know in Hungary (Pöttöm Panna) there are the cricket and the ant, the golden lamb, Lúdas Matyi, the Sleeping Beauty and the list could on for ever...
Additional Features:
Museum / : 30 min

Address: 9730 Rajnis street 9
GPS: 47.3899, 16.5393
Phone: +36/94361-258
Website: www.fonixkoszeg.hu
Tags: marzipan, marzipan museum
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