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Holy Trinity Statue

It was eretced and consecrated in 1713. Its maker was a Sopron-based stonemason, a certain Servatius Leithner, who used stones from the Fertőrákos quarry.

On an octagonal podium there stands the saint with five other figures: St John of Nepomuk, St Roch, St Sebastian, St Joseph, all of them proper statues, and also St Rose depicted on a relief with a cross in her hand. On the head of the column, embellished with 13 angels, there are two more angel faces. The Holy Trinity is depicted on a throne held by two angels. The father sitting on the throne is holding the crucified Jesus, while the Holy Spirit can be seen below them portrayed as a dove.
Additional Features:
Statue/sculpture / : Classicist
Statue/sculpture / : mediaeval
Statue/sculpture / : religion
Statue/sculpture / : very beautiful, ancient
Statue/sculpture / : Hungarian
Statue/sculpture / : 30 min

Address: 9730 Fő tér square 0
GPS: 47.388, 16.5415
Phone: +36/94562511
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